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I’m fed up.

In March, 2014, a friend from childhood reached out to me and asked me to write a speech for a character in a book he was writing.  I was able to write the speech in one evening as most of it came from the heart.  He never completed the book so I’m posting the speech here.  Let me know your thoughts.

[Spoken with intensity and terseness, but not yelling.]
I’m fed up.
I’m fed up that politicians become wealthy while in office.
I’m fed up with corporate welfare and bailouts. 
I’m fed up that our governing officers can’t balance a checkbook.
I’m. Fed. Up. 
I’m fed up that teachers unions come first and our children’s education comes second. 
I’m fed up that our nation’s poor often get stuck in the worst schools.
I’m fed up that politicians pit us against one another. 
I’m fed up with selective enforcement.  Political retribution.  Kickbacks.  Corporate lawyers writing our laws.
I’m fed up.
I’m fed up with our poor and our young being priced out of jobs.
I’m fed up we make it so difficult to operate a business in America that we drive jobs overseas. 
I’m fed up that we allow some of our great cities to become destitute through government corruption, suffocating taxes, and over-regulation. 
I’m fed up with government bureaucrats thinking they can micromanage our lives – for the public welfare. 
I’m fed up.
I’m fed up that we turn our backs on our allies to appease our enemies.  There is no honor in that.
I’m fed up that my tax dollars get sent to foreign governments that are even more corrupt than our own.
I’m fed up with corporate owned media espousing talking points rather doing real investigative journalism.
I’m fed up.
I’m fed up that we’re relegated to special interest groups rather than recognized for the complex individuals that we are.
I’m fed up that politicians are always pointing out what people are while ignoring who we are.
[Short pause.  Tone lessens slightly.]
I’m fed up with mob rule.
I’m fed up that in the name of “diversity”, there is a war being waged on the diversity of thought.  In the name of “tolerance”, we’re so intolerant of opposing views and beliefs.
I’m fed up that everyone is talking, but nobody is listening.   While shouting “respect”, that we are so disrespectful.
I’m fed up.
[Tone sharpens again.]
I’m fed up with politicians running election campaigns giving speeches saying the exact opposite of how they’ll actually govern.
I’m fed up with career politicians.
I’m fed up with the way they look down on us.  Their arrogance.  Their elitism.
Their constant assault on our rights.  Our inalienable rights.
I’m.  Fed.  Up.
[A deep breathe.  A look to the sky in silent prayer.]
I’m angry……  Yet… I’m not bitter.
I’ve harnessed my anger.  Through His strength I’m channeling it in the right direction.  My anger is part of me, but not all of me.  Just one small part of a complex individual.
Unique, like everyone else.
I’m frustrated, yet I am not disheartened.
In fact, I’m full of hope.
Take a moment to look at one another.
Look at one another.  Look in each others’ eyes.  Into each others’ souls.
You see it, don’t you?
You see the spark.  That spark of hope.  You feel it.  You recognize it in each other because it is within yourself.  That spark of hope within you.  Within us.  It has always been there.
We have hope.
It was hidden, but never gone.  It was shaded, but ever burning.
We have hope!
We are the masters of our fate!
We decide how we should live our lives!
We determine how to pursue our own happiness!
Our lives are our own!
We are free!
We are still yet free!
We are free to determine our future!
We are free to reverse what has transpired before us!
We are free to give our children a better world than what we found!
We are free to end the corruption!
We are free to empower our neighbors to control their own lives!
We are free to respect one another and not be manipulated by career politicians!
We are free!
We are free!
We are free!
We are free!


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