Battle of Porktown

In this debt debate, we are currently watching the Battle of Porktown, an obvious reference to the most important battle in modern history, the Battle of Yorktown.  The reference is no joke.   The political war we are witnessing today is comparable with the war that took place 230 years ago.  Do not err and think that because there is no weaponry involved in this one that the words “war” and “battle”  are being used simply through literary license.  Make no mistake, all wars are political.

When the American people declared independence on July 4, 1776, the world did not give them a chance in securing our independence.  The established authority in England could not believe that we, the American rabble, had the audacity to stand up to their history and might.  Some amongst us remained loyal to the Crown then, mostly those who had the most to lose and felt their lifestyle best protected by the established way of doing things.  Thomas Paine accurately called out those Loyalists then and his words resonate again today against those who wish to continue our path towards large government and European stagnation:

“Interested men, who are not to be trusted; weak men, who cannot see; prejudiced men, who will not see; and a certain set of moderate men, who think better of the European world than it deserves. . .”

Those who had the most to lose by maintaining the status quo could not be trusted then as they can not be trusted today (such as lobbyists and established politicians).  The Battle of Yorktown represented the close of the American Revolutionary War that has led to the most wealthy, most free, and most powerful nation the world has ever known.  It truly was the most important battle in modern history.

This Battle of Porktown taking place today is near in proximity and near in importance.  This battle is taking place on TV, in our newspapers, and on the radio.  The propaganda is raging and it is our English language that is being used to bludgeon us into bondage.  We are led to believe that this battle being fought is about the debt limit when in actuality is about the debt.  We are led to believe it is about the Tea Party being against the government making more revenue when in actuality they are simply against raising taxes on the job creators.  The Tea Party is not against closing loopholes in the tax structure.  Quite the contrary, they want to close the loopholes and simplify the tax code.  We are led to believe that if we do not raise the debt limit that our country will not be able to fund social security, medicare and medicaid, our military will not be paid, and our country will default.  This is untrue.

Our country takes in enough tax revenue to meet these obligations.  It is many of the other inconsequential government expenditures that will have to be put on hold.  It will force our country to start making those tough choices and cutting out the pork.  We all know those choices need to be made now if we are going to keep the most cherished programs solvent later.  It is acknowledged on both sides that we as a country can not continue doing what we have been doing and keep these entitlement programs solvent for our children.  Although it is acknowledged by the established politicians, they spend more time blaming others than actually solving the problem.  The Tea Party are offering real solutions and are being demonized and demagogued for it.

When the British surrendered at Yorktown, their band played The World Turned Upside Down.  The time has come to turn it upside down again.



One thought on “Battle of Porktown

  1. Wow! Very profound!

    Posted by Sherri Griffith | July 31, 2011, 6:57 pm

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